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When one site goes up in search result rankings, another must go down. This means that Search Engine Optimization is inherently competitive. Therefore, if you want good search engine results, you don’t want to hire just anyone – you want the best. That’s why you’re here; we are Best SEO Plans, and that’s what we offer – the best SEO plans.

Some SEO companies make their money by offering pay-for-performance – they choose easy keywords to optimize for, so that they’ll get paid. Unfortunately, these easy keywords rarely provide much traffic, so while you pay for results, you don’t pay for results which are helpful to you. Other companies make their money by appealing to bargain hunters, offering SEO services at unbelievably low prices. To make a profit, these companies have to use ineffectual techniques and shortcuts, and while this means the cost is lower, it’s throwing money away.

We don’t do that – if we did, we wouldn’t be Best SEO Plans. We provide real results which help your website, bringing in the relevant traffic you want. Part of being the best is also offering simple solutions to their SEO needs. Below, you’ll find a small selection of SEO plans suitable to a wide range of SEO needs, which you can sign up for directly through our website. You can also contact us, and we’ll help you find the right SEO plan for your needs.

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6 SEO Reports
  • $150
  • 6 PDF Reports
  • DIY SEO Plan
Local SEO
  • $850 / month
  • Local Businesses
  • SEO + Google Places

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The Best SEO plan means you get

  • Keyword Optimization

    Helping people find what they’re looking for is what SEO is all about. We will ensure that people throughout the world, and especially in your hometown, will find you first.

  • Increased Traffic

    Optimization means your site is where people turn during search – and that means more eyeballs on your site, no matter what you’re offering.

  • No Accidental Penalization

    The best SEO means never having to worry about missteps reducing your ranking.

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Client Testimonials

Worth Every Penny

" As an architect, recognition is crucial to getting new clients. Having my name at the top of local search results helps get me the recognition I need to bring in business, and Best SEO Plan has been great about getting me those results at a great price. "

Shannon F., Architect

Great Service

" Best SEO Plan has been incredibly helpful to me. They found the right searches to target, and took me to the top! Now my phone is ringing off the hook! I couldn't have asked for better results, and they didn't cost an arm and a leg. "

Roger D., Photographer

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